Your rewards & charges:

your rewards and charges

We're making some changes from 1 May to our rewards & charges.

Changes from 1 May

  • Better top up rewards at £15:

    If you’re on an animal plan and top up by £15, we’ll now double your rewards on Camel and Canary, and give you 200 extra texts on Dolphin and Monkey

  • Per-second call charging:

    Calls you make will be rounded up to the next second.

    To find out more, please click here

Changes from 31 May

  • Top up rewards on Dolphin:

    If you’re on a Dolphin plan, you now get even more. From 31 May, top up by £15 and get 500MB free data or get 1GB free data when you top up by £30.

  • Changes for Racoon customers:

    If you’re on a Racoon plan, your calls and texts will increase by 2p.

  • Magic Numbers:

    Talk for an hour with your favourite friends on Orange and only pay for a minute. From 31 May calls to your Magic Numbers will cost 25p.

  • Out of bundle browsing:

    We’re reducing the cost of browsing the mobile internet from £4/MB to 65p/Mb. This will no longer be capped and the minimum charge will be 65p

  • Bundles

    1. Extras:

      The charge for the unlimited text bundle and 100 UK mins will change from £5 to £7.50.

    2. Daily data bundle:

      The amount of data you receive for the £1 Daily bundle will change from 50MB to 25MB

    3. More data bundles to help you manage your costs:

      We’re introducing the following new bundles that will help you save money when browsing the mobile internet.

      Weekly data bundle giving you 100MB for £3
      Monthly data bundles giving you 500MB for £7.50 and 1GB for £12