Roaming Angel from Orange

It’s now easy to control your roaming costs when
you fly away

Roaming Angel from Orange is clever little free app. It’s free to use and makes it easy to keep a tight leash on your roaming costs on holiday. The Roaming Angel app tracks your calls, texts and data usage*. It also tells you how much you’ve spent to help you avoid running up a big bill, it’ll find you the best money-saving bundles too.

* iPhone version tracks data usage only

Download Roaming Angel from Orange and relax on holiday

With our app you can relax while using your phone abroad. You’ll know exactly how much you’re spending and stay in complete control of your costs. To avoid roaming costs we recommend you download it before you go on holiday, Roaming Angel is available to download on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices.

Text ‘ANGEL’ to 1200, it’s completely free

Search ‘Roaming Angel from Orange’ at your app store