What to do before you go

Before you go abroad, simply follow these simple steps to make sure that your mobile phone is roaming-enabled and ready to use.

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1. Check your phone is set up to use abroad

Pay as you go:

Great news - your phone is already set-up to be used abroad, you don't need to do anything except relax and enjoy your trip, although you may want to top-up before you go.

Pay monthly:

To check whether your phone is already set up to use abroad, sign in to Your Account or call us on 150 from your Orange phone (07973 100 150 from any other phone) and follow the instructions. You'll need to call us at least 24 hours before you leave the UK to get set up, but if you're leaving within the next 24 hours give us a ring anyway and we'll do everything we can to help.

There's no connection fee or monthly charge to set up your phone, but connection is subject to status and we may ask for a deposit.

You only need to set up your phone once. After that, it’s always ready to use abroad.

2. Check costs & save money with a bundle

Add an Orange Travel bundle to your account to make great savings on calls, texts and browsing the mobile internet while you’re away. Check out the costs and bundles page to see how much you could save and what bundles are available for where you’re going.

3. Insure your phone

Accidents happen, so make sure your phone’s covered before you go away. If you’re a Pay Monthly customer, just call 150 to get Orange Care (unless it’s already included in your service plan).

To find out more about insuring your phone, visit the Orange Care pages.

4. Set up your answer phone

All you need to check your Answer Phone from abroad is a Pin number, which is easy to set up. Just follow these simple steps:

You can then check your messages by calling +44 7973 100 123 from your Orange phone or a fixed line. Just enter your PIN when asked.

Tip: If you don’t want to use a PIN to check your Answer Phone messages when you’re in the UK, you can switch it off in the 'change your personal options' menu of Answer Phone.

5. Check to see if you have a bundle already

Text “BUNDLE” to 150. We’ll send you a text telling you which bundles you have on your account. If you don’t have one we’ll tell you that too. You can also check this by going on Your Orange and looking at Your Extras section, or by calling Customer Services on 150.

6. Check how much data you’ll need before selecting your data bundle

You can do this by looking on Your Account at your previous data usage or calling Customer Services who can tell you how much you use on an average day/month so you can choose the right bundle for you.

Top tips to keep your costs down

  1. 1Buy a travel bundle to save money on calls, texts and browsing
  2. 2Use free wifi whenever you can
  3. 3Make sure you know how to turn data roaming on and off on your phone
  4. 4Avoid checking your Answer Phone until you’re back home
  5. 5Download an app to help keep track of your data usage. Text APPS to 1200 for a link to apps you can use