What to do while you’re away

If you’re in a foreign country and your phone gets lost or stolen, your credit runs out or you need to check your answer phone message, don’t panic – help is here!

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1. Know how to keep costs down

To keep call, text and browsing costs to a minimum while you’re travelling, make sure you follow some simple steps.

2. Top up abroad

Topping up for your travels is easy either before you leave or while you’re away. Just choose one of these three options:

See the top-up as you travel terms & conditions

3. Contact us from abroad

If you need to get in touch with us while you’re away, have a question about billing or need help with your phone, just give us a ring.

Pay monthly customers

Call 150 from your Orange phone, it's free!

Or call +44 7973 100 150 from any other phone – call charges will depend on the network you use to make the call.

Pay as you go customers

Call 450 from your Orange phone, it's free!

Or call +44 7973 100 450 from any other phone – call charges will depend on the network you use to make the call.

4. Report your phone lost or stolen

If your phone’s lost or stolen while you’re away, get in touch with us as soon as possible. If it’s been stolen, you’ll need to report it to the local police and get a crime number. If you have Orange Care phone insurance, you’ll need the crime number to get a replacement phone when you’re back in the UK. (Subject to terms and conditions.)

Find out more about insuring your phone on the Orange Care pages

5. Use in-flight roaming

If you’re a Pay Monthly or Business customer, a few selected airlines now let you use your phone during their flights – it's just like calling or texting when abroad.

How do I use it?

Where you can use it, and what services you can use on board, depends on the airline. You'll still need to switch your phone off before take-off, but once the aircraft has reached cruising height you'll be informed either by the crew or by a mobile phone light in the panel above your seat that you can use your phone.

How much does it cost?

Making a call £1.75 per minute
Receiving a call £1.00 per minute
Sending a text 50p per text
Receiving a text Free
GPRS £8 per MB
Sending a photo message (up to 50KB) £1 per message
Sending a photo message (more than 50KB) £1.50 per message
Sending a video message £1.50 per message

Note: Outgoing voice calls are in per-minute increments. (For example, a call of 61 seconds will be charged the duration of a two-minute call.)

6. If you use all of your bundle allowance

If you have a monthly/30day bundle

If you use your bundle allowance while you’re away and want to add another bundle don’t worry, just follow these easy steps:

  • You’ll need to remove your old bundle by calling customer services on 150 (which is free from abroad) or visiting Your Orange where you can cancel your bundle in Manage Your Extras.
  • Then either:
    1. One of our Customer Service Agents will add another bundle from the next calendar day; or
    2. If you use Your Orange, you’ll need to wait until midnight to apply a new bundle. All you need to do is go back into Manage Your Extras and select the bundle you want in the Travel section.
  • If you still want to use data while you’re waiting for your new bundle to be applied you’ll be charged at our standard rate. We advise that you always check the rates to wherever you are going before you go.

If you have a daily bundle

You don’t have to do anything. Your bundle resets at midnight (local time in whichever country you’re in) giving you another 30MB to use for the next 24 hours. If you use more than your 30MB daily allowance and you still want to use data you’ll be charged at our standard rates until your allowance resets at midnight.

Just to note – you can only have one data bundle on your account at any one time.

Top tips to keep your costs down

  1. 1Buy a travel bundle to save money on calls, texts and browsing
  2. 2Use free wifi whenever you can
  3. 3Make sure you know how to turn data roaming on and off on your phone
  4. 4Avoid checking your Answer Phone until you’re back home
  5. 5Download an app to help keep track of your data usage. Text APPS to 1200 for a link to apps you can use