unlimited WiFi with Orange

get online on the go

If you’re an Orange mobile or home broadband customer, you’re in for a treat. We’ve partnered up with BT Wi-fi to bring you internet on the move using 200,000 BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK. So now you can check emails, surf the net, or chat to your mates wherever you are.

phones, plans and broadband with unlimited WiFi

home broadband

Orange mobile customers can now get a free WiFi bundle on their pay monthly phone when they join one of our home broadband and calls packages.

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  • mobile broadband

    selected mobile broadband plans include unlimited WiFi.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

    match this with a Dolphin plan for unlimited WiFi.

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  • Apple iPad

    choose a pay monthly iPad plan for unlimited WiFi.

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  • Apple iPhone

    comes with unlimited WiFi on a selection of pay monthly and pay as you go plans.

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  • Panther pay monthly plans

    perfect for surfing the net, with unlimited WiFi across the Panther range.

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  • WiFi bundles

    if you’re an Orange mobile customer, you can also purchase an optional Orange WIFI bundle.

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    how do I get connected?

    you’ll need a compatible phone or laptop which has WiFi turned on as well as a user name and password to access an Orange WiFi hotspot.

    Your user name and password will be sent to your Orange phone by text message shortly after you join.(If you’re on an eligible mobile broadband plan this text message will be sent to you through the Mobile Broadband connection manager software installed on your computer)

    Once you’ve got your user name and password, simply find and connect to your nearest hotspot to get online.

  • finding a Orange WiFi hotspot
  • connecting to a Orange WiFi hotspot

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    Orange WiFi app

    Find aand connect to a WiFi hotspot with a simple tap of the finger. This clever Orange WiFi app can locate you, find your nearest WiFi hotspot and connect you without the need to enter your username or password.

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  • download free app for Android

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    forgotten your Orange WIFI user name and password?

    If you can't find your Orange WiFi password, don't worry! You can get it by:

  • Downloading the Orange WiFi App which can automatically retrieve your user name and password.
  • Signing in to Your Account and following the instructions on screen to re-set your WiFi password.
  • Using the Your Orange App (available to download from the app store and Orange World)
  • Calling customer services.

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    need some help getting started?

    Get up and running in a flash by visiting our WIFI help & support section or read through our frequently asked questions for handy tips on using Orange WiFi.

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